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AutoGet Wifi: Full-featured handheld MPO fiber end-face inspection solution

2020-06-19 15:54:04 Read

AutoGet Wifi is the industry's first foldable full-featured handheld intelligent fiber end-detector built by Dimension (www.dimension-tech.com), which provides a fully automated intelligent fiber end-face inspection solution for single-core , MPO and other multi-fiber connectors for fully automatic detection, analysis and judgment, with unparalleled reliability, efficiency and ease of use, providing unparalleled application experience, is currently the most ideal solution in the field, Leading the industry to a new height.

In addition to the integrated automatic precision analysis and judgment function, AutoGet Wifi has achieved unique and innovative designs in the industry: unique foldable body (120 degrees), unique replaceable smart battery, universal Type C charging interface, LED lighting and other configurations.

With the widespread use of MPO multi-core connectors worldwide, MPO end-face inspection is becoming more and more important. AutoGet Wifi's original MPO connector adapter can easily perform each fiber end-face in MPO multi-core connectors Fully automatic detection and analysis. Combined with the integrated high-definition touch screen, it provides users with complete active control. Users can inspect all optical fibers with one click, view images and analysis results in real time, pan and scroll across end faces to view all optical fibers, and view fiber end faces. result.


Dimension AutoGet Wifi intelligent optical fiber end-face detector implements 5A design (Anyone, Any Fiber, Anytime, Anywher e, Automatic), that is, anyone (network engineering personnel regardless of professional background and technical level, can be customized according to IEC or user Standard diagnostics), for any fiber end face, anytime, anywhere, one-button operation, fully automatic, one step in place. Main applications: 5G optical network construction and maintenance, data centers, high-reliability optical fiber connections, and other laboratory and manufacturing tests.

Fully automatic, in one step

Autoget Wifi integrates Dimension's independent image processing algorithm to realize 100% fully automatic operations such as automatic recognition, automatic focusing, automatic centering, automatic image capture, automatic analysis, automatic saving and reporting of results, and detection and judgment are in one step.


Support multi-core end face detection

AutoGet Wifi's original MPO interface adapter supports automatic and quick detection of MPO and other multi-fiber connectors. Users can analyze all fiber end faces with one click and view the fiber end face detection results.


Excellent analytical capabilities

Based on IEC or user-defined standards, accurate and automatic analysis is performed, and it has multiple magnifications, which not only has a broad field of view, but also

There are rich details.


LED indicator judgment result

AutoGet Wifi is equipped with a pass/fail LED indicator. Users can directly determine the end face detection result through the LED indicator. If it is displayed in green, it means that it is qualified, and it is no longer necessary to view the results on the screen, and the next test point is directly carried out; if it is displayed in red, it means that it is unqualified, and the user can view the detection screen through the screen for analysis and judgment.


Integrated design, integrated high-definition touch screen

AutoGet Wifi adopts an integrated design and integrates a 3.2” high-definition touch screen. Users do not need any third-party display terminal to view images and analysis results in real time. It can independently and easily realize the detection and analysis of fiber end faces. The integrated light sensor can be based on the environment. The brightness of the light automatically adjusts the screen brightness.


Multiple data transmission methods

AutoGet Wifi provides a variety of data transmission methods, data can be stored directly on the device using the SD card, or can be connected to the PC through Wifi or USB to export the data.


Unique foldable body

The original foldable fuselage, the design of the shaft structure, the fuselage can be flexibly folded into a straight rod or gun type (120 °), easily meet the needs of different application environments.


Unique LED lighting

AutoGet Wifi is equipped with LED lighting, which can be easily used in low-light environments, bringing unprecedented convenience to Dimension users.


Unique replaceable smart battery

AutoGet Wifi has the industry's original replaceable smart battery. The battery can be charged and used at the same time, when equipped with an independent backup battery, it can also be disassembled and charged independently, and replaced and used, so that the machine can be "always on". Up to 9 hours of battery life.


Unique USB Type C charging interface

AutoGet Wifi uniquely uses the first USB TypeC interface in the company, compatible with various charging devices on the market.


Rich adapter components

AutoGet Wifi has more than 50 kinds of connector adapters, which can meet various detection needs of users, support MF, and are compatible with MPO/MTP. And special connector detection interface can be customized.


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