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High-density wiring solution-MPO fiber connector/jumper

2020-06-19 16:06:41 Read

With the widespread deployment of data centers, the demand for 400G solutions is growing. The rapid increase in the number of network links will cause the traditional optical fiber cabling data center space to be cramped and difficult to manage. The application of MPO optical fiber connector/optical fiber jumper is based on this demand, which can accommodate the high-density and high-efficiency optical cable connection of high-speed and large-capacity optical communication systems to meet the 400G high-speed transmission requirements.


MPO (Multi Push On) is a type of multi-core optical fiber connector. Usually 12-core optical fibers are arranged in a row, which can support one or more rows of optical fibers in the same MPO connector, according to the number of cores discharged in the connector. For one row (12 cores), multiple rows (24 cores or more). The size of the MPO connector is the same as that of the SC connector, but the density is increased several times, which greatly saves the space occupied by the line ports and cables, so that higher density wiring can be achieved in a certain space. Great flexibility and scalability also make cabling deployment easier and more adaptable to future network upgrades, expansions and changes. It has been widely used in optical fiber communication networks, high-density data centers, transmission systems, and CATV networks. It is also increasingly used in active optical cable components, such as AOC and QSFP.

Yiyuantong has designed an MPO fiber connector with a push-pull rod to facilitate the installation or unlocking of the connector in a high-density environment. In high-density panel, wiring box, chassis and other wiring environments, it is often difficult to install or remove fiber jumpers. Traditional MPO jumper installation requires you to hold the outer frame for insertion and removal. In a high-density narrow environment Very inconvenient to operate, especially for jumpers in these intermediate spaces. The push-pull rod design solves this problem. It has the same components and internal structure as the traditional connector, the only difference is that a connector is added to the connector to push and pull the entire connector. This design makes it easier to insert and pull out the MPO jumper, greatly simplifying the MPO connection The use of the device allows the operator to complete the installation and unlocking process in a high-density environment with only one hand, without the need for other tools. And the push-pull rod design does not increase any vertical space occupied by the connector, and also meets the needs of high-density applications.


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