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Shock aural dynamic sound effects, audiophile-grade digital optical audio cable your ideal choice

2020-06-19 16:26:58 Read

As we all know, optical fiber audio cable is an audio cable that uses optical fiber as the transmission medium. Compared with the traditional red and white analog signal transmission method, optical fiber audio transmission can support multi-channel transmission effects such as Dolby digital stereo. In addition, during the transmission process of the digital optical fiber audio line, it can completely eliminate external electromagnetic interference, thereby ensuring a clear sound quality analysis effect. This has also led to more and more music enthusiasts tending to prefer optical fiber audio cables in the process of building their own home theater system. But having said that, in the face of the digital optical audio cable with many materials and styles on the market, many users also seem very entangled in the selection process, I don't know how to start. Next, based on my understanding of digital optical fiber audio cables, I recommend several audiophile-grade digital optical fiber audio cables for you to enjoy the shocking and dynamic sound effects. Let's take a look at the styles you need.

— ① —

Silica (glass core) Fever digital music fiber optic cable


As the leader in the high-end audio-visual accessories industry, the JIB German python brand has always designed products that are favored by music enthusiasts with superb workmanship, excellent material selection and excellent reputation. The same is true of the audiophile-grade digital optical audio cable launched this time. Different from the ordinary products on the market, the high-quality silica is used as the core conductor inside the wire. Compared with the traditional optical fiber line, it has higher efficiency, the speed of light transmission is highly concentrated, and there will be no adverse effects such as delay distortion. , Which presents a clearer and more detailed sound performance. On the outside of the fiber optic cable, the line body made of high-grade nylon, the appearance of blue and black meets the high-end and very high-grade, and it complements with the speaker amplifier equipment, and it does not seem to be outdated at all. It is worth mentioning that the connector of the optical fiber cable is wrapped with metal paint, which has beautiful aesthetics and excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Even if it is used for a long time, it will not be easily worn. The detailed design shows the ingenuity of quality.

— ② —

Nylon braided network Audiophile grade digital optical fiber audio cable


This audiophile-grade digital optical audio cable, also designed by the JIB brand, has a square port and a square port at both ends. It is suitable for connecting Blu-ray players, CD players, projectors, DVDs, etc. with optical fiber ports to the audio system. , Power amplifier, set-top box, decoder and other equipment, presenting users with clear and delicate sound quality effects. The optical fiber core makes no noise during transmission, the sound is more transparent and bright, and the sense of hierarchy is clear. At the same time, the optical fiber cable also supports multi-channel transmission, with the TV screen effect, which can present you with an immersive audio-visual experience. The products are also striving for excellence in workmanship and design. The joints made of gold plating process are corrosion-resistant and plug-resistant, which makes the joints have a longer service life. Coupled with its own high-grade nylon woven mesh, it is strong and resistant to stretching, even if it is excessively bent and twisted, it will not produce cracks, and the service life is longer.

— ③ —

High-fidelity lossless audio quality Audiophile-grade digital optical audio cable


This audiophile-grade digital optical fiber audio cable is made of imported optical fiber and has a high-fidelity and lossless sound quality effect. Coupled with high-grade chrome-plated metal shell, it looks very high-grade texture. Sophisticated selection of materials and particularly rigorous production technology ensure the accurate display of sound quality during transmission. The sound quality is clear, smooth and highly textured, the treble is flexible and bright and powerful, the ductility is quite sufficient, the bass is deep and deep, pleasing and delicate There is an appropriate amount of after rhyme, and it has a more dynamic and shocking auditory effect. At the same time, the optical fiber cable also supports 5.1-channel surround sound, allowing you to enjoy a cinema-level auditory feast without leaving the house. Careful design everywhere, just to let you have a better listening experience.

— ④ —

Stereo sound quality Audiophile-grade digital optical fiber audio cable


This digital optical audio cable designed by SKW brand is specially designed for music enthusiasts. Inside the core, the product Cao Yong's POF conductor is used as the core, which makes the optical fiber body more flexible, has excellent tensile resistance, and the optical fiber signal is not susceptible to external electromagnetic interference.It has excellent noise reduction effect and comprehensive sound quality. degree. At the joint part of the product, it is made of 3U thickened gold plating process, which can withstand long-lasting repeated plugging and unplugging, which makes the product service life longer, and the excellent transmission performance also ensures the true sound quality performance. The sound quality is rich in detail and more thick and full. It is worth mentioning that the length of the product is 1 meter to 15 meters. Even if engineering work needs to be installed and embedded, this digital optical audio cable can fully meet your needs.

— ⑤ —

24K gold-plated terminals Audiophile-grade digital optical audio cable


The Kaiboer brand is also a classic brand among various cable accessories. The enthusiast-grade optical fiber audio cable launched by the company also has high-fidelity, no delay, and no distortion. Compared with other brands on the market, it can be said to be one of the highest quality digital optical audio cables. Inside the core, it uses a PDF fiber with a diameter of 1mm as a conductor, so that the transmission beam is highly focused and transmitted at the speed of light to ensure that the sound is undisturbed and undistorted. There is no need to worry about interference from surrounding radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves, providing users with transparent and shocking sound quality effects. On the other hand, the products are also rigorous in their workmanship. The 24K gold-plated terminals are durable and plug-in-resistant. Even after a long period of use, they can maintain a brand-new experience. Coupled with high-strength nylon braided mesh, it is anti-pull, anti-shock, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Wholeheartedly, only to bring users a more comfortable sound quality listening experience.

Conclusion: With the rapid development of technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have further pursuit of elegant art such as music. This has also led many music enthusiasts to set up their own home theater system. In the process of selecting equipment, the focus is often placed on the speaker amplifier and other equipment, thus neglecting the choice of accessory cables. In fact, the workmanship of digital optical fiber audio cable is different, and the sound quality transmission effect, noise reduction and anti-interference ability are also different. Therefore, the choice of digital optical fiber audio cable is also crucial. The several digital optical fiber audio cables recommended above have excellent performances in terms of workmanship, sound quality, and service life. Are there any styles you need? Let's try it out.

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