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How to choose optical fiber end face detector? These function points must have

2020-06-19 16:16:17 Read

With the advent of the 5G network era, the layout and construction of 5G optical networks have been continuously promoted, and new equipment such as optical fibers and optical modules have been widely used. At the same time, the detection and debugging of these new equipment have become more and more Urgent and heavy, and fiber end detection is a key operation that cannot be ignored, which directly affects the quality of optical signal transmission in the later period. So how do you choose a satisfactory fiber end-face inspection tool? How to choose the appropriate fiber end-face detector? In fact, as long as you have these function points, then Ta is the fiber end detection assistant for you.

The primary cause of optical network problems today is a large amount of dirt on the end face of the optical fiber, which not only affects the optical signal transmission, increases the optical signal attenuation, but also has a serious impact on the subsequent optical signal transmission quality, but also on the subsequent optical network maintenance Very troublesome. How to choose optical fiber end-face inspection equipment? How to choose well... became the voice of many communication technicians. As a professional manufacturer of optical communication instruments in China, the Kip-600v fiber end-face detector launched by Jiangsu Jixing is of high price and fast detection. Since its listing, the market feedback rate has been quite good, and it is more popular among users at home and abroad.


Hand-held detection, accurate measurement

Kip-600v optical fiber end-face detector conforms to the ergonomic design. When performing end-face detection, it is comfortable to hold with one hand and plug and play. Its effective identification accuracy is less than 1μm, and the dust and oil stains on the end face are clearly visible. The appearance of this end-face detector is small and compact. It is convenient to carry during daily outgoing inspection and does not take up space in the tool bag.

Strong applicability and easy viewing

Kip-600v fiber end-face detector can meet the SC, FC, ST, LC male and SC, LC female detection under UPC, and can also support the optional APC lower connector to meet the SC male and female detection; and These can basically meet our daily fiber end detection needs. The 3.5-inch screen size design, the overall appearance is the size of a mobile phone, hand-held viewing end detection effect is just right.


Long standby time, excellent protection

For example, there is a short waiting time for some end-face inspection instruments on the market, and often there is no power when going out for inspection? The use of kip-600v fiber end-face detector has no such concerns. It is equipped with a 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery, which can effectively stand by for 20 hours. There is no need to worry about running out of electricity all day, and this also greatly improves the efficiency of optical fiber detection. In order to cope with the complex and changeable construction environment, the kip-600v optical fiber end-face detector has excellent protection performance, and its detachable silicone sheath is designed to greatly reduce the damage to the machine due to collisions, falls and other factors.


Fast data storage and obvious detection effect

The kip-600v handheld optical fiber end-face detector can be inserted into an external TF card, has a powerful data storage "center", and can support real-time video recording and video playback on the screen. It has a variety of functions and can easily store data, which is very convenient for later Detection and data statistics, etc. What is the detection effect of this fiber end-face detector? The comparison chart before and after the fiber patch cord end face detection below can tell you the results clearly and intuitively.


In order to facilitate the user's end surface detection and cleaning, Jiangsu Jixing also launched the KCI-6D optical fiber cleaning detection kit, which includes the kip-600v optical fiber end surface detector, one-touch optical fiber cleaner and so on.


How to choose optical fiber end face detector? Choose to use Jiangsu Jixing kip-600v optical fiber end-face detector to make your end-face detection more efficient. Jiangsu Jixing, a trusted optical communication brand.

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